Game Maker Studio 2 Tech Demo
Web Drum is a web based drum kit. Play with your fingers on mobile, or via a keyboard (or mouse) on desktop.

Game Maker Studio 2 Tech Demo
Space Rocks is a simple Asteroids clone done using Game Maker Studio 2 for HTML5 export. Enjoy!

  • The game will open in a new tab / window.
  • Web Audio is being a bit tricky. The sound may not load correctly in all browsers. Try reloading the page if it fails
  • This game requires a keyboard and is not optimized for mobile devices.

Music Release
Sammy DiBattista's EP, The Sun Shall Shine, is currently available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon Music and many other digital distributors.
Visit Sammy DiBattista's Website for more info.

Four photos from Angela's EyeEm Collection have been selected for sale on Getty Images.

Mini-Game Release
Check out the mini-game Asteroid Avoid. To play, simply click or touch anywhere in the game screen to move the ship forward. Try to land on the illuminated dock while avoiding the bouncing asteroids.

This is our first application utilizing the Phaser game engine (v 2.6). The game should work on all devices and screen sizes. See the notes below for special instructions. Enjoy, and share if you like it!


  • The game will open in a new tab / window.
  • If the game fails to load and all you see is a star-scape or a black screen, try reloading the page.
  • For iOS devices, the intro music may not play automatically. tap or click anywhere on the star-field to hear the intro music.
  • The game currently doesn't work in IE11. I'm researching the problem. For Windows users, please use FireFox or Chrome.


Divided Logic is the creative outlet of husband and wife team Sam and Angela, as they explore and share their passions for music, technology and graphic design.

Check back often for updates and new features!